Vote For Bob Burr

Endorsed by Whatcom Democrats and Green Party

Vote Bob Burr for Bellingham city council!
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I moved to Bellingham 19 years ago from New Jersey having been successful enough to retire at the age of 52. I had been Vice President in charge of Research and Development for Prudential Insurance. Once settled in here, I opened my national Research and Consulting business which I ran until 2008.

Since then I have split my time between causes and bottle caps. I am an activist, a word I define as a lobbyist for The People. My passion this past year has been to fight against the GPT terminal. In December of 2011, I went to Jail For Justice, having been arrested for laying down on the railroad tracks to stop Canada-bound coal trains. I also have a collection of 38,200 + all-different beer bottle caps--safe to say, no other candidate can match that.

I have been married for over 51 years and have three sons and four grandchildren.

I served four years on the State Democratic Platform Committee and am the former Vice Chair of the 40th Legislative District Democrats. I was on the Board of the Whatcom Democrats. And, I was a delegate to this year's Democratic State Convention In 2010, I ran for U.S. Senate, finishing 7th in a field of 15. I was, however, the winner in my most important measuring rod--votes per dollar expended. Last year, I finished second to Roxanne Murphy in a self-funded race for Bellingham City Council. I am a past Vice Chair of the Green Party of Washington State and currently serve as the Treasurer for the Green Party of Whatcom County.

But this election is not About Bob. It is About Us. It is about our banding together via our votes to put the public back in Public Utility District 1.

Help spread the word about Bob Burr For Whatcom Public Utility District 1. Let's "go viral" and send a message--that the special interests can be defeated defeated by a strong grassroots effort.