Vote For Bob Burr

Endorsed by Whatcom Democrats and Green Party

Vote Bob Burr for Bellingham city council!
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Through the primary at least, I am not accepting donations. In my past runs for office (U.S. Senate and Bellingham City Council), I accepted no donations whatsoever. Public financing of elections will ultimately be necessary to make progress on the great issues of our time. The corrupting influence of Corporate and other special interest money are now pandemic.

When I won the primary, I felt there was a great chance of coal and other special interest money flowing in against me. And, that could possibly compel me to accept contributions from individuals and environmental watchdog organizations. I would never accept Corporate contributions. Fortunately, as of 10/17, there is no indication of such big money flowing into this race. So, I still am sticking to my principles of accepting no contributions. My great thanks to all of you caring-about-the-future folks who have offered financial support.

Here's one hoping to get reform in our State: