Vote For Bob Burr

Endorsed by Whatcom Democrats and Green Party

Vote Bob Burr for Bellingham city council!
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If you are willing to doorbell your neighborhood, Bob can deliver these business cards to you so you can hand them out or leave them on the doorstep. Call him at 360-671-7813.

Bob is going to be standing on a lot of corners with his signage between now and November. There is strength in numbers. If you would like to join him, again call at 360-671-7813.

You can get involved by getting the word out in your own way. Do your own thing.

If you Twitter, tweet.

If you are on Facebook, join the Bob Burr For Public Utility District 1 group. And, click on the Invite Your Friends link so that they may join it too.

E-mail your friends and ask them to check out Bob's website:

Make a video of why you support Bob and post it on YouTube.

Promote Bob's candidacy in the blogosphere.

Write a letter to the editor of the Bellingham Herald or the Cascadia Weekly or your favorite news outlet.

Make a sign reading Ask Me About Bob Burr For Public Utility District 1, stand in a public place and respond when asked. Bonus: Have someone take your photo with the sign, and we’ll post it here on our website!

Or, whatever you come up with.

I think the public knows what they want and that is who I will serve. It will require hundreds of us to get involved – to go viral – with the message that we have had enough and demand true change, participation and respect.

Finally, actually VOTE for Bob before the November 5 deadline and urge your friends to get their ballots in early as well. That will save you a lot of unwanted phone calls because the heavily financed candidates follow on who has voted and direct their calls and robocalls only to those who haven't.